Welcome to my universe!

This website was created because I want to share with you my thoughts on the immensity, diversity, complexity, and beauty of the universe in which we exist. The unimaginable distances that separate us from other galaxies make us feel as if we were on the edge of a dizzying abyss. Becoming familiar with the universe is a bit like taming the unknown and being able to better appreciate its raw beauty.

Everyone learns in their own way. Mine is through photography, more precisely astrophotography. Each astrophoto becomes for me an excuse to document myself on the object or the phenomenon that I photographed. Over the years, I have accumulated a certain amount of information that allows me to better situate each celestial object in its context and popularize it so that you, in turn, can appreciate it.

My photos of the eclipse

My most recent photos

Last update: November 5, 2023

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