When a passion consumes us, it is only natural to want to share it. For a beginner, astronomy is a somewhat scary subject, fascinating to be sure, but intimidating. What could be more natural than wanting to popularize and communicate in our turn this knowledge that we have stored up as amateur astronomers.
There is a whole network of astronomy clubs around the world and Quebec is no exception. I have chosen to join a few clubs and I devote a considerable amount of time to them through various activities, as described below. To date, I have totaled more than 130 conferences or workshops given to other amateurs or the public. Please contact me if you wish to retain my services (in french or english).

Le Club des Astronomes Amateurs de Laval

Member since 2012 and vice-president in 2017-2018. The club makes good use of an observatory with a 12-foot dome, owned by the city of Laval but where the club provides and operates its own telescope for public outreach. Other than the weekly meetings, weekend observing parties are held in Spring and Fall in a dark location, knowledge sharing and fun is guaranteed.

Le club d'astronomie Mont-Tremblant

Member since 2018. Secretary in 2021. President since 2022.
I regularly present conferences and workshops on different topics and I lead monthly discussions by videoconference on astrophotography. It is the second largest astronomy club in Quebec. We had 154 members at the end of 2022.