NGC 891 – The Outer Limits Galaxy


NGC 891 is a favorite of visual observers and astrophotographers because it stimulates the imagination with its edge-on position. She appeared in the end credits of the popular television series “The Outer Limits”, hence her nickname.

Its horizontal band of dust that bisects the galaxy is very similar to that of our own galaxy and is believed to be exactly what our Milky Way looks like when viewed from the outside.

Technical details:

Telescope: Celestron Edge HD14 and 0.7x focal reducer
Mount: Paramount MX+
Camera: ZWO ASI 2600 MM and LRGB filters
Exposure: 53 x 6 minutes with a luminance filter and 54 x 6 minutes with RGB filters for a  total of 10 hours
Location: My backyard observatory in Sainte-Sophie, Qc
Date: October 2023