Lunar Eclipse of September 2015 in video


During a lunar eclipse, the luminosity changes dramatically as the moon progresses and enters the earth’s shadow cone. Depending on the particles suspended in the atmosphere during the event, the Moon in its total eclipse phase can take on copper or orange tints.

This video capture has cuts when changing camera settings to adjust to the changing brightness, it was the first time I tried it, but you can appreciate the changes seen in time-lapse over the three and a half hours of the event.

Technical details:

Telescope: Orion 80mm f/6
Mount: SkyWatcher HEQ5 Pro
Camera: Canon EOS T3
Exposure: 827 preprogrammed frames with an intervalometer. Exposures ranging from 1/4000 sec to 1 second at ISO 400. Event duration: 3.5 hours. Individual frames assembled in a video with Time-lapse Tool.
Place: Sainte-Sophie
Date: September 27, 2015