Partial Solar Eclipse of October 2014 in video


On October 23, 2014, I was with a group of amateur astronomers in a villa we had rented in the middle of the New Mexico desert for a week. As luck would have it, a partial solar eclipse was occurring during this week and from our location, 30% of the Sun’s surface (42% of the diameter) was covered at the maximum. The 11-year solar activity cycle was also at its peak in 2014 which gave us sunspots of impressive size. Here is the video I took on this occasion.

Technical details:

Telescope: Orion 80mm f/6 and Orion solar filter over the objective lens
Mount: SkyWatcher HEQ5 Pro
Camera: Nikon D90
Exposure: 407 preprogrammed frames with an intervalometer and assembled as a video with Time-lapse Tool.
Place: Rodeo, New-Mexico
Date: October 23, 2014.
Event duration: 2 hours