M 57 – The Ring Nebula


The Lyra Ring Nebula is one of the most popular with amateur astronomers. It is relatively bright, although very small. Looking at it through a telescope creates an unreal impression of seeing a puff of cigarette smoke floating in space. It is located in our galaxy 2,283 light years from us. Its central star is relatively faint and difficult to see with a telescope. By comparison, the spiral galaxy in the background is 260 million light-years away from our galaxy.

The challenge in this photo was to show the faint glowing halo that encircles the ring without overexposing the ring itself which is comparatively much brighter.

Technical details:

Telescope: Celestron Edge HD14 with a 0.7x focal reducer
Mount: Paramount MX+
Camera: ZWO ASI 2600MM Pro in bin 2×2 mode
Filters: Baader LRGB CMOS-Optimized 2″
Exposures: 60 x 2 minutes with luminance filter and 15 x 2 min each for red, green and blue filters
Place: Personnal observatory in Sainte-Sophie, Qc
Date: May 6 and 8, 2022