Partial solar eclipse of June 10, 2021 – setup


On June 10, 2021, a solar eclipse that was total in the far north of Quebec but partial from the Greater Montreal area, was going to be already in progress at sunrise. That meant our setup had to be ready before sunrise.

The weather forecast announced clouds on the horizon, at the very spot where the sun would rise. With my good friend Jean Legros who found the ideal place on the hills of the Lafrance orchard in St-Joseph-du-Lac, we deployed our cameras so as not to miss anything of the event. For me, a Nikon camera on a fixed tripod with an 18-105mm lens set to 105mm and a Canon 6D MkII camera with a William Optics GT81 telescope on an iOptron CEM26EC mount. The camera was controlled by a computer and Backyard EOS software.

We were finally able to capture a good part of the eclipse despite some clouds that came close to ruining the show. See the video and photo in the Eclipse section of the photo gallery.