Perseids 2023 meteor shower at Domaine St-Bernard


The 2023 edition of the Festival des Perséides organized by Domaine St-Bernard and hosted by the Mont-Tremblant Astronomy Club was a great success. Friday, August 11, nearly 500 people invaded the grounds of Domaine St-Bernard to participate in the various activities on the program.

As soon as the gates opened, a crowd quickly gathered in front of the Velan pavilion to walk along the path of the planets and listen to the explanations of our guides. The visitors then headed to the rocket launch area and the rockets probably scared the clouds away because the sky started to clear at this point. Our competent host Alain Préfontaine then entertained the crowd with interesting information about shooting stars, using a giant screen. We were even treated to a video welcome from none other than Farah Alibay, the operator of the Perseverance Mars exploration robot and the Ingenuity helicopter.

Meanwhile, our cheerful volunteers and telescope operators were getting ready and it wasn’t long before they were invaded by a curious crowd happy to discuss with the amateur astronomers.